Mary Edwards

It is my pleasure to provide a referral letter for Pueblo’s Best Pet Care. We first hired Pueblo’s Best Pet Care back in 2012 for our 11 y/o Black Lab and 18 y/o Beagle. We were going on a trip for a week and did not feel comfortable kenneling our old boys. This is when we decided to research pet sitters in order to ensure our boys had the best possible care when we were gone.We were so happy to find Cindy at Pueblo’s Best Pet Care. We could tell right away that Cindy is a very caring and nurturing person with the animals and our dogs adored her. She has always
been around animals and takes the extra time to listen and write down any special needs or extra care your animal would need. Cindy always made sure the dogs had plenty of potty breaks and spent extra time playing and loving them.¬†Unfortunately, we lost both our old boys in April of 2013. We now have a new member of the family who is a 20 month old Black Lab/Plott Hound just busting at the seams with energy. Once again, we called on Cindy and she was absolutely wonderful with our new guy.If you are considering going on vacation or just taking a day trip, Cindy is the one to call. Cindy is very trustworthy and honest. She always leaves a note on how well the dog’s did during each visit. If she has a question or concern, she is quick to call you on the phone. It is so nice to leave and come home to a healthy, happy dog.If you are considering pet sitters, Cindy at Pueblo’s Best Care is the BEST!