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Colorado Dept of Corrections Rescue Dogs

Colorado Department of

What a great place to adopt a dog !!

Pet Care Pueblo ColoradoDid you know the Colorado Department of Corrections in Canon City has a program for rescue dogs? These dogs are inmate trained and then adopted into the community.
The PTKCP or “Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program”, began in 2002 at the womans facility and is now operating in eight different DOC facilities .The dogs come from shelters and rescues all over Colorado and surrounding states.
After receiving any veterinary care needed, including spay or neuter, the dogs are off to school. Dogs are crate and house trained, taught basic commands and good manners. Most importantly they are socialized with people and other dogs. When they graduate they are ready to be adopted for a $500 fee. Some dogs are even specially trained as service dogs to aid owners with special needs.The program receives no government funding and relies on the adoption fees and donations.
Take a minute to look at these fine graduates !