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Pet Sitting,Dog Walking and Pet Care

Pet Care Pueblo Colorado

Pet Sitting,Dog Walking and Pet Care

On Saturday April 6th, we had the opportunity to give a short presentation to some of the pet owners living in the Pueblo Regent Senior Living Community. About ten residents joined us, most bringing their pets with them. We talked to them about pet care and pet safety in the home with regards to plants, foods and medications as well as safety hazards.
Most agreed that their pets did not get as much exercise living in an apartment as they would like them to have. We were able to explain how our dog walking services might be of a great benefit to them. We also explained how we are able to pick up their pets and transport them to the veterinarian or to a grooming appointment. Many who have no transportation of their own were delighted to hear about this “Pet Taxi” service.
We hope to do some pet sitting for these folks as they begin to make plans for visiting family and friends this summer. They were happy to hear that we will visit their special companions right in their own apartments, rather than placing them in a kennel.
It was a joy to meet each one and hear all about their cat or dog. We talked with them about how much of a difference these companions had made in their lives. We passed out some toys and treats for the pets and left newsletters as well as informational sheets for all of the residents.
We hope to be able to meet with pet owners in several other local Senior Living facilities in the near future !

Dog Sitting Discussion

Holiday Pet Sitting Pueblo CO

With the holidays approaching, many travelers will be doing so with their pets along. responsible pet care means following a few rules to ensure the entire
family gets to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas trips out of town. Safe pet transportation is essential.
One of the most important things a pet owner can do is to restrain pets when traveling in anautomobile.  This not only keeps the pet from distracting the driver, but protects them from injury in the case of a sudden impact. Never let your pet ride in your lap or in the
passenger seat. Air bags can be deadly to a dog orcat. Never allow your dog to ride in the back of an open pickup. A large unrestrained pet, like an unrestrained item, can inflict serious injury to both driver and passengers. A special secure harness designed for
dogs or a secured kennel for either a dog or cat is very safest way for them to ride along.
Plan on frequent stops for feeding and watering and be sure you take a few minutes for dog walking. If you’re traveling with a cat, stop for some human interaction time.Pets get bored and anxious just like kids on a road trip. Just the sound of your voice will be a comfort to them.
Remember, if you are going out of town for any length of time, you can always call a professional pet sitter to care for your pets in your own home while you are gone.

Why Choose In Home Pet Care?

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Although there are many fine boarding kennels in southern Colorado, we find that pets tend to thrive much better in their own homes.
Pets who are used to spending most of their time at home may become anxious when they are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, scents, and sounds. A change in daily routine may cause undue stress to a nervous pet. He may refuse to eat or play while he is boarded.

A boarding kennel may expose your pet to microorganisms that cause health problems.

When you choose In Home Pet Care, a pet sitter can visit your home several times each day and again in the evening. Your pets surroundings and routine stay the same. He feels safe and comfortable and can still enjoy human interaction and exercise.

In addition, your property will not appear dark and empty while you are gone, giving you the added benefit of home security.