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Spring Allergies and your Pets

hoorayAt Pueblo’s Best Pet Care, the welfare of your pet is at the top of our list. Many times we can alert a pet owner to health problems we spot while walking or pet sitting.
With Springtime finally around the corner, smaller dogs may begin to scratch!
The people At “Hills Science Diet” have this to say…“Allergies are all too common and the same pollens and house dust that cause allergic reactions in people often cause allergic dermatitis in small and toy breed dogs. Allergic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by many things, but regardless of the source, the end result can be licking, scratching, maybe even hair loss, but definitely discomfort for your smaller dog. Your veterinarian may try to help manage your dog’s allergy by numerous methods including injections, oral medications,nutritional management, topical shampoos, dips, ointments and environmental treatments. At home, you can provide plenty of clean water (your Veterinarian may even recommend distilled water). Do not hesitate to call your vet if questions or problems arise. “