What does Pueblo’s Best Pet Care typically provide for a client when they are out of town?

Our typical client requests 1-3 visits per day. Each visit typically lasts 30 minutes depending on the types and number of pets and services requested. We treat each client and their pets as individuals. We will perform each service the client has requested in addition to our normal visit services. During each visit, we will always provide fresh water, food, litter box and cages as directed, administer medications as requested, companionship, exercise & belly rubs. For dogs, walks are included in the
cost of our visits. We are happy to accommodate most special requests as we want your pets to be as happy and comfortable as possible while you are away. We will also look after your home by bringing in your mail and newspapers, alternate lights and drapery,
set out and bring in the garbage and recycling and water your plants. This gives your home a “lived in” appearance while you are away