Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pets does Pueblo’s Best Pet Care care for?

We love all pets great or small!  We will care for any pet as long as they do not pose a danger to us.

Are pet sitters ever available for times other than when I go on vacation?

Absolutely, pet sitters and dog walkers provide services such as walking your dog or checking on an old or ill pet while you’re at work, taking your pets to grooming and veterinary appointments.

Does Pueblo’s Best Pet Care have references that I can call?

Absolutely! We are proud to say that more than 75% of our clients are referrals from other clients. We always provide you with real references you can check!

I have never used a pet sitter before. How can I make sure I am getting a trustworthy, dependable pet sitter to care for my pets and property?

We understand the responsibility of caring for your pets and property. We take this responsibility very seriously. We are active members in good standing with Pet Sitters International.

What does Pueblo’s Best Pet Care typically provide for a client when they are out of town?

Our typical client requests 1-3 visits per day. Each visit typically lasts 30 minutes depending on the types and number of pets and services requested. We treat each client and their pets as individuals. We will perform each service the client has requested in addition to our normal visit services. During each visit, we will always provide fresh water, food, litter box and cages as directed, administer medications as requested, companionship, exercise & belly rubs. For dogs, walks are included in the
cost of our visits. We are happy to accommodate most special requests as we want your pets to be as happy and comfortable as possible while you are away. We will also look after your home by bringing in your mail and newspapers, alternate lights and drapery,
set out and bring in the garbage and recycling and water your plants. This gives your home a “lived in” appearance while you are away

What will a pet sitter do during visits with my pets?

Visits will usually consist of providing fresh water, feeding, playtime, outdoor time, and plenty of attention for your pet. Your pet sitter may also turn lights off/on, open or close drapery, collect the mail, take the trash out

Will you be the only pet sitter, or will there be others in my home?

We believe that having one, regular pet sitter is best for your pets and your peace of mind. We provide all the pet sitting services ourselves. If for some reason we are unable to perform a pet sit for any reason, we do have back up pet sitters. available.

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