Does a cat need a pet sitter

cats need pet sitterscat’s need pet sitters too

As a cat owner you know they are painfully independent pets. You may wonder some days if your cat even remember who you are ! But the experts say cats do need and love human interaction – but always on their terms.  Sometimes a cat will follow you all over the house. They don’t want food; they don’t need water. but will often meow until they get a belly rub or head scratch ! Why should you consider hiring a pet sitter for your cat or cats? Whether you are leaving town or you work a long shift, here are a few reasons why he needs in home pet care:

* An indoor cat cannot hunt for survival and must rely on someone to provide food and water for him.

*If left alone for days , even with adequate food and water, your cat will often become depressed or even destructive. Even cats in multiple cat homes need some human interaction on a regular basis.

*They need a pet sitter to play with and exercise with them.

* Indoor cats may be well trained to use a litter box, but they will never master the task of cleaning it themselves. For this, they will always need us.

* Your cat may become ill while left alone, or even have a household accident. Pet Sitters can be available to see that they get to the vet.

So, consider speaking to a professional pet care service about what your needs are as a responsible cat owner.

 Your cat will appreciate the attention and care of a good pet sitter.

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