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Care for Animals other than Dogs and Cats

“Do you provide care for animals other than dogs and cats?”

The answer is YES ! Pueblo’s Best Pet Care visits all kinds of animals. Pet sitting is not just walking dogs. More and more city dwellers as well as country folk are utilizing the “know how” of today’s pet sitter.
At Pueblo’s Best Pet Care we love them all, and have quite the variety of our own.
As busy as everybody is, we all agree that pet care needs to be a priority for our animal friends, and we have had experience with dogs, cats, fish exotic birds, amphibians, reptiles, horses, cattle, rabbits, llamas, ferrets, a hedgehog and chickens! Whew.

These days, more suburban and urban folks alike are getting on the chicken bandwagon. Whether to earn extra money from eggs or to enjoy themselves, they’re both saving “scratch” at the grocery store! They need some special care but it’s nothing we at Pueblo’s Best Pet Care can’t walk you through. It’s inexpensive, and really does pay off if your troop goes through a lot of eggs !



Spring Allergies and your Pets

hoorayAt Pueblo’s Best Pet Care, the welfare of your pet is at the top of our list. Many times we can alert a pet owner to health problems we spot while walking or pet sitting.
With Springtime finally around the corner, smaller dogs may begin to scratch!
The people At “Hills Science Diet” have this to say…“Allergies are all too common and the same pollens and house dust that cause allergic reactions in people often cause allergic dermatitis in small and toy breed dogs. Allergic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by many things, but regardless of the source, the end result can be licking, scratching, maybe even hair loss, but definitely discomfort for your smaller dog. Your veterinarian may try to help manage your dog’s allergy by numerous methods including injections, oral medications,nutritional management, topical shampoos, dips, ointments and environmental treatments. At home, you can provide plenty of clean water (your Veterinarian may even recommend distilled water). Do not hesitate to call your vet if questions or problems arise. “

Pet Sitters or Kennels in Pueblo Colorado

Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters or Kennels

As your pet ages, the introduction of a new environment can be taxing and sometimes increase levels of anxiety. Using in-home care or pet sitters for older pets will give them the personalized attention they need and give you peace of mind. At the same time in some kennel environments younger and older animals get minimal personal time and this can add to their stress levels.

1. Estimate How Often You Intend to Travel If you are away from the house for extended periods or find yourself traveling more, in-home care or Pet Sitters may be a better fit for your lifestyle. Dog walking and pet sitter services, which provide your dog with one-on-one care when you are out of town can be a great way to care for your animal. In addition, you can confident that the pet sitter will keep your animals regular routine in the comforts of thier own home and familiar neighborhood surroundings. When your pet knows they don’t have to leave home, the anxiety is greatly reduced when they see the suitcase’s come out.

2. Know Who Is in Your Home When choosing a pet sitter, it is extremely important to hire a professional with references and who is insured and bonded. When interviewing a pet-sitter, compile a list of important questions about previous work experience and ask for references We at Pueblo’s Best Pet Care always schedule a “get to know everyone meeting” before the actual dates of service. This is a great way to reduce any anxiety on Pet’s and owners.

3. Do Your Research and Set Your Standards    The biggest question for any pet owner considering boarding or in-home care is “what will my animal do all day?” For home care, be sure to create a schedule and go over it with your pet sitter. This should include when and how your dog takes meals, medical information, a walk schedule, grooming needs and playtime and bedtime routines. In addition, have an emergency plan in place with important contact phone numbers and emergency meeting location. If your thinking of a kennel, ask the kennel to detail what your animal will be doing and what interaction your pet will have with other animals and with the kennel staff — and how long and how often. It is essential that the boarding facility pairs your pet with others of similar disposition and provides regular exercise and playtime rotations throughout the day. When looking at different kennels, observe the amount of dogs being boarded. Overcrowding can lead to aggressive behavior, which will ensure a difficult situation for both you and your pet. Before considering boarding, or Pet Sitters make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccines, including rabies, DHLPP and bordetella, and provide a spay/neuter verification.In our opinion the answer for comprehensive personalized care is, Pueblo’s Best Pet Care.

Pet Sitting,Dog Walking and Pet Care

Pet Care Pueblo Colorado

Pet Sitting,Dog Walking and Pet Care

On Saturday April 6th, we had the opportunity to give a short presentation to some of the pet owners living in the Pueblo Regent Senior Living Community. About ten residents joined us, most bringing their pets with them. We talked to them about pet care and pet safety in the home with regards to plants, foods and medications as well as safety hazards.
Most agreed that their pets did not get as much exercise living in an apartment as they would like them to have. We were able to explain how our dog walking services might be of a great benefit to them. We also explained how we are able to pick up their pets and transport them to the veterinarian or to a grooming appointment. Many who have no transportation of their own were delighted to hear about this “Pet Taxi” service.
We hope to do some pet sitting for these folks as they begin to make plans for visiting family and friends this summer. They were happy to hear that we will visit their special companions right in their own apartments, rather than placing them in a kennel.
It was a joy to meet each one and hear all about their cat or dog. We talked with them about how much of a difference these companions had made in their lives. We passed out some toys and treats for the pets and left newsletters as well as informational sheets for all of the residents.
We hope to be able to meet with pet owners in several other local Senior Living facilities in the near future !

Dog Sitting Discussion

Does a cat need a pet sitter

cats need pet sitterscat’s need pet sitters too

As a cat owner you know they are painfully independent pets. You may wonder some days if your cat even remember who you are ! But the experts say cats do need and love human interaction – but always on their terms.  Sometimes a cat will follow you all over the house. They don’t want food; they don’t need water. but will often meow until they get a belly rub or head scratch ! Why should you consider hiring a pet sitter for your cat or cats? Whether you are leaving town or you work a long shift, here are a few reasons why he needs in home pet care:

* An indoor cat cannot hunt for survival and must rely on someone to provide food and water for him.

*If left alone for days , even with adequate food and water, your cat will often become depressed or even destructive. Even cats in multiple cat homes need some human interaction on a regular basis.

*They need a pet sitter to play with and exercise with them.

* Indoor cats may be well trained to use a litter box, but they will never master the task of cleaning it themselves. For this, they will always need us.

* Your cat may become ill while left alone, or even have a household accident. Pet Sitters can be available to see that they get to the vet.

So, consider speaking to a professional pet care service about what your needs are as a responsible cat owner.

 Your cat will appreciate the attention and care of a good pet sitter.

Why Choose In Home Pet Care?

happy dog

Although there are many fine boarding kennels in southern Colorado, we find that pets tend to thrive much better in their own homes.
Pets who are used to spending most of their time at home may become anxious when they are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, scents, and sounds. A change in daily routine may cause undue stress to a nervous pet. He may refuse to eat or play while he is boarded.

A boarding kennel may expose your pet to microorganisms that cause health problems.

When you choose In Home Pet Care, a pet sitter can visit your home several times each day and again in the evening. Your pets surroundings and routine stay the same. He feels safe and comfortable and can still enjoy human interaction and exercise.

In addition, your property will not appear dark and empty while you are gone, giving you the added benefit of home security.