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Nail Trimming for Dogs and Cats

Cat Nail TrimmingPueblo’s Best Pet Care is now offering in-home nail trimming for Dogs and Cats !
Taking your pet to the groomer or the vet’s office to have their nails trimmed, can be costly and is often traumatic for both of you. We can trim them safely in your own home in minutes.But do cats really need a nail trim ?Dr. Marty Becker of says “Why nip the tips? It makes life more comfortable for both you and your cat. If you have one of those cats who needs to knead you — and who pokes those sharp tips into your skin — you know what I’m talking about. Taking off the very end of those claws will make this loving gesture something you can enjoy, rather than dread. For your cat, clipping his tips can prevent painful broken claws that can result when a sharp tip gets caught in the carpet. And yes, having those claws a little less lethal will reduce the damage should your fashion-conscious cat decide to give the corner of you “

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Colorado Dept of Corrections Rescue Dogs

Colorado Department of

What a great place to adopt a dog !!

Pet Care Pueblo ColoradoDid you know the Colorado Department of Corrections in Canon City has a program for rescue dogs? These dogs are inmate trained and then adopted into the community.
The PTKCP or “Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program”, began in 2002 at the womans facility and is now operating in eight different DOC facilities .The dogs come from shelters and rescues all over Colorado and surrounding states.
After receiving any veterinary care needed, including spay or neuter, the dogs are off to school. Dogs are crate and house trained, taught basic commands and good manners. Most importantly they are socialized with people and other dogs. When they graduate they are ready to be adopted for a $500 fee. Some dogs are even specially trained as service dogs to aid owners with special needs.The program receives no government funding and relies on the adoption fees and donations.
Take a minute to look at these fine graduates !


Holiday Pet Sitting Pueblo CO

With the holidays approaching, many travelers will be doing so with their pets along. responsible pet care means following a few rules to ensure the entire
family gets to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas trips out of town. Safe pet transportation is essential.
One of the most important things a pet owner can do is to restrain pets when traveling in anautomobile.  This not only keeps the pet from distracting the driver, but protects them from injury in the case of a sudden impact. Never let your pet ride in your lap or in the
passenger seat. Air bags can be deadly to a dog orcat. Never allow your dog to ride in the back of an open pickup. A large unrestrained pet, like an unrestrained item, can inflict serious injury to both driver and passengers. A special secure harness designed for
dogs or a secured kennel for either a dog or cat is very safest way for them to ride along.
Plan on frequent stops for feeding and watering and be sure you take a few minutes for dog walking. If you’re traveling with a cat, stop for some human interaction time.Pets get bored and anxious just like kids on a road trip. Just the sound of your voice will be a comfort to them.
Remember, if you are going out of town for any length of time, you can always call a professional pet sitter to care for your pets in your own home while you are gone.