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Although there are many fine boarding kennels in southern Colorado, we find that pets tend to thrive much better in their own homes.


Pets who are used to spending most of their time at home may become anxious when they are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, scents, and sounds. A change in daily routine may cause undue stress to a nervous pet. He may refuse to eat or play while he is boarded.


A boarding kennel may expose your pet to microorganisms that cause health problems.When you choose In Home Pet Care, a pet sitter can visit your home several times each day and again in the evening. Your pets surroundings and routine stay the same. He feels safe and comfortable and can still enjoy human interaction and exercise.In addition, your property will not appear dark and empty while you are gone, giving you the added benefit of home security.

Motivation Based Dog Training

We now offer a variety of dog training packages and have experience with all breeds including service dogs as well as protection dogs. Services include:

Basic Commands and Obedience

Puppy Training

Barking Problems

Leash Pulling and Jumping Problems

Anxiety and Fearfulness

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